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I Need You To Know


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Allay 01:47
Empty stares at a familiar scene Helplessly, we play our part in the routine Cause there's no higher reason, no one to blame So we hope there's consolation in the fact that we feel the same And I should know how to handle this by all laws of adaptation But so far all I've learnt is how to dress for the occasion We bow our heads and we pay respects and we swear we won't forget And we fill the room with laughter cause we're afraid of what comes next And if we had our way we'd go back just a few days And we'd freeze in time, intertwined and never slip away I don't know if there's solace in these words or if they make it worse but It still goes on, that's all I know It still goes on and it takes its toll It still goes on, that's all I know It still goes on, but we’re not alone It still goes on, that's all I know It still goes on and it takes its toll
Spin 02:02
Excuses hissed from a dried-out throat, crawling skin grows pale The taste of salt on a sandpaper tongue as the eyes are rotting away And it’s not you it’s me ‘Cause telling is seeing and seeing is believing and that makes it much too real I’m sure you got only the best intentions but it’s not that easy for me If all that I am is what’s said about me then I won’t join the conversation ‘cause all that I say can be held against me so I won’t give up information Don’t ask me to look down, I’m afraid I might fall I've weighed the pros and cons and come to the conclusion I’ll cut myself out once and for all
Swan Song 02:53
This place has become an exhibition, An epitaph The chair, the clothes, the pictures on your wall And the empty bed And it hurts to see it suck you in, To watch the roots grow deep into your skin At a loss for words, knowing that This seed's been growing here for years Now it's watered by The tears in your eyes and the words on your mind “He still had time” Where did you go the day you started seeing ghosts? The day it all stopped making sense? That day And I don't know what's worse: When you remember or when you forget When you cry and wish he'd never left, or laugh like you'd never met But if you could see how they hold each other tight to keep you warm, I feel like you'd be proud And I guess there's some beauty in that But in between I can't help but see the futility We're singing songs to wake you up, to draw you back in But lately it feels like we're the choir that leads you
Sun Scare 01:59
The way you handle everything with such swagger Like it’s meant to be belittles me And I’m the only one to blame In your shadow I feel safe And it weighs more than you can see, keeps me on my knees I’ll take the blame, can’t seem to claim anything for me From all the shit I’ve gotten in, Still haven’t grown a thicker skin I guess I’ll have to deal with it like a boxer with a glass jaw
Words 03:09
When you told me 'bout the empty dress In a closet full of birthdays Drives to school and lack I felt guilty then And then guilty again 'cause this was never about me, just about you And I'm failing you I'm failing you And if I could help, if I could help you heal I'd do it all I'd mend and stitch and seal
I found myself in a room, all drowned in gloom And a breath of air it told me you were there Reaching out always reaching out But the softer the touch, the worse it felt And then I heard a sudden whisper that drowned out all the noise And it sounded so familiar cause it spoke with your voice Sending shivers down my spine, as you gave me the promise of relief Of an end to uncertainty, at the cost of giving in Giving myself up, surrendering to your touch The promise you’d reassemble me again if I let you tear me apart And as I gave in and burst we rearranged and grew into one Filled the room and grew bigger than we’d ever been before There was a song that filled the air and it sang of the beauty that we’d find there I saw the cracks in the walls and the sun shining through And then I came to
I’ve spilled my all Perfect time to let you in Immerse in information, call my next of kin Happy fucking new year Time has never felt so slow Gravity in full effect The clouds are hanging low I’ve spilled my all I can’t see but I can stare Terror on the front lawn Hands thrown in the air Nothing! Nothing! Lose your voice just 'cause you can
Telemark 03:26
I used to write things down to let them go and take comfort in the things I know I used to put things off and bet on time, to read what's in between the lines I used to think there'd be a big reveal but all I've found is this constant theme I'm marching to the beat of teeth grinding on teeth With smoke in my lungs and glass in my feet Break my legs and watch me dance Give me light and burn my hands Hold me tight and feel me bend The pen is full but the paper’s blank I know the story but I don’t know the end And I know that it's never been better, But it's never been worse When the pieces are all there and I still can't make it work And just cause everything is fine, that doesn't mean that any of it is mine And it never has, it never will Cause I wanna be everything, so I think I'll be nothing I've kept my head down to pass through doors And I've kept my head up so I don't get caught Cause I want you to applaud and to know that I’m a fraud I'm sleeping to the sound of my creaking ribs going up and down So put your hands on my ears and your head on my chest Cause I need you to know I'm doing my best
Somersault 02:16
You said there’s rest in the way that you keep on moving Because it helps you forget how close you are to the edge To forget about the reoccurring patterns And you think about leaving town ‘cause it’s better than slowing down And I know there's guilt in the way that you look for comfort A cold in the way that you hope for warmth And that's alright I'll still hold you tight until our breaths align And when the blood drips from your lips, press them onto mine Holding’s being held When I stare, my eyes bang shut And your words ring in my ear, when your mouth closes up So we try to get into our heads through the skin on our necks And when we’re fading to black we pull each other back It’s an art to appreciate when it feels like we can levitate Now that we’ve opened the gates, it’ll come and go in waves But I know that there's a light, when the worst nights still feel right
Fuse 02:50
I need you to know.
Sputnik 02:51
The kind of silence that comes with a bang The nothingness that comes with the weight of the world The thought that everything ends The things that you say make less sense with every word I fell out of time, as your breath stopped mine As the crack in your voice split my head open wide As you paused and you sighed and you told me: “Don’t worry, i’ll be fine, it’ll be alright” And i believed you I’ve chosen to There’s a calm in you, a sense of pride, and you wear that smile As you carry them, as you carry me and it’s been that way for all my life I’ve seen you shot but never bleed I’ve seen you bend but never break And I’ve seen you take too many falls that you know none of us could ever take I’ve always known But I tend to forget How you’ve always given everything And never taken back I gotta get you off that pedestal and let you in I thought you could still fly if I ignored the holes in your wings Cause the doubt in your eyes scares me to death We gotta talk about it please let’s not talk about it and when you call I’ll say I’ll come home soon And then we’ll talk about it Please let’s not talk about it


Abril 2020

Recorded live over five days, I Need You To Know encapsulates Shakers’ relentless energy. Channeling the likes of Xerxes, Comadre and Touché Amoré, the five-piece from Wiesbaden, Germany have created a record that sits neatly between Is Survived By and The Lack Long After, one that shakes with ferocious energy and incredible musicianship. Pounding drums and ever-intriguing bass lines provide a rock-solid foundation for intricately interplaying guitar melodies, while the range of emotion displayed in the ever-oscillating vocals is rarely found in a genre that is often reluctant to show vulnerability.
Reckoning with loss and acknowledging change, I Need You To Know is a record that confronts the minutiae of everyday struggle and takes them to task. “It still goes on, and it takes its toll. It still goes on, but we’re not alone,” can be heard lamenting on opening track “Allay”. However, all is not completely lost - they are in as much pain as we are, but they’re right there beside us. There is no suggestion that they know the right path, that they are privy to knowledge or a way of life that we are unaware of. They face the same struggles that we do, but they can help us appreciate what we are feeling and show that, although there might not be a light at the end of the tunnel, at least we’re in the dark together.

The album is full of little moments of ingenuity - the screech of feedback in “Swan Song”, the agonizing backing vocals on “Spin” and “If It’s Done With It’s Eternal”, the sound of the snare being turned on in “Fuse”. These little moments are brought to life by Jan Kerscher’s (Ghost City Recordings) excellent production, capturing the band’s live presence and energy, their emotion and technical prowess. I Need You To Know is a record that is brimming with character and personality, full of emotion and soul and musicianship, all the while retaining an intensity that is paralleled by the band’s songwriting.

There is an acceptance of what can’t be changed, a willingness to confront the harsh realities of life, but I Need You To Know is not a pessimistic, negative album. It is ultimately one of hope. “I saw the cracks in the walls and the sun shining through.” Shakers know that there is something else, and invite you on their journey to try and find it. We might not make it, but we have each other.


released April 3, 2020

"I need you to know“ was produced, recorded and mixed by Jan Kerscher at Ghost City Recordings, Röttenbach in August 2019. Studio assistance by Hannah Wiese, Lukas Klotzbach Mastering by Jack Shirley, Atomic Garden Studios, Palo Alto, California.

SHAKERS are Chrisse Weiler (Vocals), Nils Pospischil (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Markus Wimmer (Guitar), Joshua Ziegler (Bass) and Julius Lensch (Drums).

All songs written by SHAKERS. Lyrics by Chrisse Weiler & Julius Lensch
Artwork & Layout by Vincent Leinweber Photography by Thomas Pirot Artwork inspired by CG Watkins




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